Apple Product Photographer Talks About His Work

Apple knows that the best way for a product to be successful is largely through advertising. Cupertino’s people are experts in this and throughout their history they have launched some of the most important advertising campaigns of all time. But advertising is not only reduced to the commercials we can see on television, how to present the product to the customer is also important and that is what the photography is in charge of, specifically a man, Peter Belanger .

We were all impressed when we went to the Apple website and saw the wonderful product photos that highlighted each and every part of the device and made us want to get our hands on one (if you go in and look at the ones on iPhone 5 you’ll know what I’m talking about). But getting this effect has a big job behind it and that’s what Peter Belanger and his team are in charge of .

Belanger discusses his experience as an Apple product photographer and what methods he uses to obtain the images

Apple Product Photographer Talks About His Work
Apple Product Photographer Talks About His Work

Belanger is a photographer based in San Francisco and has earned a reputation for the perfection with which he captures all Apple products such as the iPhone or iPad. In an interview with The Verge, he talked about what he thinks are the keys to getting those wonderful images:

Whenever Belanger works with Apple, Cupertino’s people already come with a clear idea of what they need. So the photographer works with the company’s art directors and discusses product placement and lighting , an essential aspect for accurately portraying the aesthetics of the product and making it eye-catching.

The photographer said that ” because of the carefully selected materials in Apple’s products, the way light strikes them is very important “. Thus, Belanger starts with an area and thinks how he can achieve the desired effect.

As they point out in Appleinsider, the main equipment used is a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens. Without a doubt, it is interesting to know the opinion of the man who is in charge of bringing out ” very handsome ” all the Apple products.

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