Apple prepares an Apple TV without 4K video support

As we have been reporting recently in AppleSupportPhoneNumber, it seems that Apple’s interest in television and in relaunching Apple TV is growing in recent months, which may be the main reason why Apple TV is losing ground to the competition, among other things.

Only a month ago, Apple decided to lower the price of the Apple TV to 79 euros , in addition to announcing an agreement with HBO , and about two weeks ago we reported on Apple’s intentions to launch itself into the pay TV sector, Both positive news, today we have to report on a somewhat negative aspect of the next generation of Apple TV , which is expected for this 2015 and which is believed to bring a significant improvement over the previous one.

Apple prepares an Apple TV without 4K video support
Apple prepares an Apple TV without 4K video support

The fact is that Apple, in its new Apple TV, will not support 4K video. The justification for this decision would be that 4K would still be in an embryonic stage , it is expensive for content providers at present given the bandwidth required and most Americans, Apple’s large market, do not have fast enough internet connections to support 4K video streaming .

Despite this, there are already services such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube that offer content in this format , and those who buy the Apple TV and have the conditions to be able to view 4K content may be disappointed at the moment and even decide not to buy the Apple TV of 2015 and wait for the next generation .

In conclusion, it seems that Apple considers that it will take a few years until 4K is the standard in which we see different multimedia content on our televisions , so it would not make any sense to incorporate this possibility now, which would only mean unnecessary costs. If we want to have support for 4K videos in streaming on our Apple TVs, it seems that we will have to wait for the next generation of the device.

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