Apple Places Featured Wall at Apple Store’s Puerta del Sol

The wall with the Apple logo now covers the entire exterior of the Puerta del Sol Apple Store

We told you a few days ago, the Apple Store at Puerta del Sol could be just a few weeks away from opening its doors. Specifically, it was commented that next Saturday June 14th could be the date chosen by the apple company to open the eleventh Apple Store in our country and, from now on, the most important.

Said and done, today the people of Madrid dawned with an atypical image in the emblematic Puerta del Sol. As you can see in the image, the building that will house one of the most important Apple stores in southern Europe is covered by the characteristic wall that Apple always puts up when it is about to open one of its official stores .

Apple Places Featured Wall at Apple Store’s Puerta del Sol
Apple Places Featured Wall at Apple Store’s Puerta del Sol

On this occasion they have chosen the colour white and have printed on it a big apple with different coloured balls. Apple also showed a similar design when it opened the Passèig de Gràcia Apple Store, although on that occasion they opted for to create an Apple logo based on small ceramic pieces , paying tribute to the illustrious architect Antoni Gaudi and the great architectural works we can find of him in the city.

Surely the hundreds of employees who are working against the clock to finish the fourth Apple Store in Madrid will be dedicated to polishing all those exterior details, so the implementation of a wall is vital not to reveal the surprise before time . Apple and its secrecy, nothing new.

The dates fit: the company could open the Apple Store in Sol next Saturday June 14

Many of our readers in Madrid will be wondering when they can come and visit this new Apple Store. Well, if we refer to the time that passed between the implementation of the wall in Passèig de Gràcia and the opening of the store , we realize that it was 12 days exactly. If we apply the same example, we see that the rumored date fits perfectly: June 14 could be the chosen day.

Remember that this Apple Store will become the largest in Spain and possibly in southern Europe, so if you live in Madrid, a visit when the store opens is a must. Will you be there on the day the store opens?

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