Apple Pay to arrive at Starbucks and KFC

In February of this year, we announced the new compatibility of the Starbucks app with Apple pay. Today, eight months later, we can say that mobile payment services will finally reach the most popular coffee shop franchise in the world. And also Kentucky Fried Chicken! So good!

Currently, there is a long list of companies where we can pay with Apple Pay: McDonalds, Nike, Foot Locker… But in Spain this mobile payment service has not yet been implemented. However, companies like Mercadona already have support for Apple Pay. When do you think it will arrive in our country?

Apple Pay to arrive at Starbucks and KFC
Apple Pay to arrive at Starbucks and KFC

It seems that Cupertino’s want to expand Apple Pay, for example Starbucks will accept this method of mobile payments in more than 7,500 of its stores.

Before integrating support with Apple Pay, Starbucks must conduct a testing program before expanding the service in 2016. As mentioned above, their iOS application already supported Apple Pay, and allowed users to make payments via app. In fact, the application provides 20% of the company’s transactions – interesting fact!

Jennifer Bailey, head of Apple Pay, announced that the mobile payment services of the Bite Apple company will also arrive soon at KFC and Chili’s . In addition, he curiously mentioned that the expansion at KFC has a special place in his heart, as it was the first place he worked. The twists and turns of life, right? One day you’re working at Kentucky Fried Chicken and a few years later you’re the director of Apple Pay.

Regarding the expansion to other countries like Spain, Mexico or Colombia, Jennifer Bailey assured that Apple was working hard to bring Apple Pay to the maximum number of countries possible…

A few months ago, the mobile payment service arrived in the UK, and Tim Cook proclaimed this year as the year of Apple Pay. Here’s an interesting video about how Apple Pay works at McDonalds, Petco and Macy’s. Enjoy!

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