Apple Pay arrives on eBay as an official payment method

eBay is one of those Internet websites that has been around all the time, at least in the digital age. Since its foundation in 1995 it has always been closely linked to online auctions, although that is no longer the platform’s main attraction. Right now it could be considered as one more competitor of Amazon , since there are many shops that sell totally new products and not second hand ones.

For a long time the payment method par excellence on eBay was PayPal . This digital “bank” provides additional security for the buyer in case there is a problem with the product. It is complemented by direct credit card payment, although a new partner has to be added: Apple Pay.

Apple Pay arrives on eBay as an official payment method
Apple Pay arrives on eBay as an official payment method

Apple’s mobile payment service is increasingly present in society. Spain is one of the countries in which is practically integrated in all the most important banking entities . In addition, it is possible to make purchases with it from platforms such as Zalando by simply putting your fingerprint or showing your face.

eBay, last year , announced that Apple Pay would come to the platform as a payment method on both the website and the smartphone app. However, it did not assure an exact date for the launch. As Appleosophy says, the total integration with the platform should be ready by 2021, although we can already start to see some stores that incorporate it.

However, it is not yet available from most eBay sellers , so hopefully it will be in a very limited testing phase to see how the service performs on eBay.

2021 is still some way off considering that 2019 has just started, but it will most likely be fully available before that date, although it looks like will gradually expand .

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