Apple Opens its Cupertino Headquarters to Developers

Apple has invited third-party app developers to its headquarters in Cupertino , so that they can test and finalize their applications for the Watch there and has had a fairly large response from the developers, who have come to its headquarters for help.

Apple helps third-party application developers

According to a report by 9to5Mac, the developers have been arriving at Cupertino’s headquarters continuously and throughout this month, looking for help.

Apple Opens its Cupertino Headquarters to Developers
Apple Opens its Cupertino Headquarters to Developers

At Apple’s California headquarters, they’re working with engineers to complete WatchKit-based applications in the sports, productivity, and finance categories.

“Developers invited by Apple to Cupertino’s headquarters are developing sports applications and productivity software.” S e can read in the 9to5Mac report.

Tim Cook’s guys have also been meeting with banks to work on applications created with the WatchKit, which work with the mobile payment system, for the smartwatch. On the other hand, not only has he been working with banks in the United States, he has also been meeting with banks in Germany, which indicates that Apple Pay would be preparing for its landing outside the United States.

Apple Watch applications ready for this February

As we learned a few weeks ago, Apple would be asking for some of the Apple Watch applications to be ready by the middle of this month of February , but the developers are asking for a little more time and you want it to be at the end of this month of February.

Apple may require that the applications be ready earlier because they are preparing a media event or a new announcement of some kind, prior to the launch of the Watch, which is scheduled for April.

A throw at the height of the best

Apple has been preparing the launch of the Watch for several months, so that everything will be perfect, including advancing the distribution of the WatchKit so that the watch will have applications from day one. He’s also giving classes to his employees at the Apple stores, so that they know how the smartwatch works and are ready to present the watch to consumers or to answer the first questions of the first buyers.

Tim Cook himself made some comments regarding the Apple Watch, referring to the fact that they are not the first to launch a smartwatch on the market, but are capable of creating devices that have marked a before and after , as they did with the iPod or the iPad. According to him, they are able to create a unique user experience, which is identified all over the world.

With the Watch they try to change the way users live. There will be a wide variety of models to choose from and new ways to communicate with the smartwatch. Tim Cook himself claims to use Siri regularly on the Apple Watch.

That Apple has opened its California headquarters to help third-party developers finish Watch applications on time, as we’ve learned from MacRumors, only means Cupertino’s commitment to their new device and their interest in getting it right.

Which application would you like to see on the Apple Watch? You can leave your choices in the comments.

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