Apple Improves App Store Search Algorithm

Last week we told you on iPadizate that Apple had introduced a new section called “Shopping” in the iOS app store, where they have made a collection of different apps related to the purchase of items. Well, it seems that this is not the only change the company has made in the App Store, as they would have also improved the search algorithm to provide better results .

Apple continues to work tirelessly to provide the best possible user experience for its users and has made the latest changes to the App Store. The US company has changed the way the App Store displays results when a user performs a search.

Apple Improves App Store Search Algorithm
Apple Improves App Store Search Algorithm

Specifically, several improvements have been made to the algorithm used for this purpose and is now able to provide better, more appropriate and relevant results in relation to the keywords used when searching for a particular application. We’ll see more details about these changes in the app store.

The US company has not commented on this change in the App Store, but it has been noticed by some developers . It seems that these changes and improvements had already been shown at the beginning of this month.

Not only will this change benefit users, who will see how much easier it is to find the application they are looking for, developers will be able to see how their apps and games achieve better positioning and relevance . The position in which an application is displayed when a search is made in the App Store is very important, as the higher it is the better it will be.

This will be the first time that when you perform a search the App Store will display applications related to the theme or function of what you have searched for, not just because it matches the keyword entered with the name of the app itself. So when you search for a particular application in the results other similar or related apps will also be shown that would not have been shown before this enhancement.

As the guys at 9to5Mac say this improvement in the App Store search algorithm will improve competitiveness and help users find better applications to download to their iOS devices. As you can see, this is a great step taken by Apple to improve its app store that will be appreciated by users and developers alike.

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