Apple Fires Richard Williamson, Head of iOS 6 Maps


Apple’s new management structure seems to be continuing to make changes and does not shake hands when it comes to firing people who, in its view, have not done their jobs well and are responsible for certain mistakes the company has made in recent months.

Apple Fires iOS 6 Direct Mapping Manager

Apple Fires Richard Williamson, Head of iOS 6 Maps
Apple Fires Richard Williamson, Head of iOS 6 Maps

The most notorious dismissal is that of Scott Forstall, one of Apple’s senior vice presidents and who was considered the successor to Steve Jobs because of his character and his way of seeing the products. Eddy Cue, another of the vice presidents, is one of the people now in charge of the functions that Scott used to have and it seems that he has already started to get his hands on, this time directly in the team responsible for the iOS 6 maps, perhaps the biggest fiasco of the company in the last years.

Eddy has decided to fire Richard Williamson , the person who will manage the map development team directly. Williamson, arrived at Apple in 2001 after the purchase of NeXT by Cupertino’s company. That is, he arrived together with Scott Forstall, after Apple bought the company that Steve Jobs founded when he was fired from Apple.

We don’t know if Eddy Cue will now put a new person in charge of Williamson’s team or if he will do it himself. The truth is that the company has a very big job ahead of it to make its maps competitive and at least live up to Google Map or even surpass it. It’s going to take some time, we expect, but they’re going to make sure we don’t miss Google Maps so much.

Will we see any more surprises in the bosom of Apple? Let’s hope things start to stabilize and they can get to work on future versions of their operating systems and applications. The competition doesn’t stop and they are getting closer and better competitors.

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