All Apple services in one package, by 2020?

This 2019 has been very new for Apple in terms of products and services. The company has launched itself fully into the field of streaming with Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Apple News+, its television, video game and magazine platforms respectively. These joined the already veteran Apple Music, which led many users and analysts to demand a package from the company that included several services and, in the process, to save a little money. Finally, it seems that Cupertino is considering this formula.

If we currently want to enjoy music, series and movies in streaming, and focusing only on the Apple scene, we should hire Apple Music on the one hand and Apple TV+ on the other. Beyond the different promotions of these platforms, we find that we would pay 9.99 ? for the music service and 4.99 ? for the TV service. This would mean that we would have to pay a total of almost £15 for both services. Everyone can evaluate if it is expensive or cheap, but it is at least strange not to have a saving in the total having both contracted and also being from the same company.

All Apple services in one package, by 2020?
All Apple services in one package, by 2020?

According to information from Bloomberg, the company would have on the table the possibility of offering a package in which these platforms are included in a single subscription. It would also add Apple News+, an online magazine and newspaper service that is currently only available in the United States and Canada. In case all of these were to be united in one pack, some kind of discount could be obtained, which would make joint contracting more profitable than individual contracting.

Unfortunately, we are not one hundred percent certain that this possibility can become a reality, nor do we know what the figure in dollars or euros would be for hiring these services as a whole. What we do know is that, if confirmed, it would become a reality on next year . We understand that in other countries like Spain, where Apple News+ is not present, this pack would also arrive with the consequent discount that implies not having the magazine platform.

Apple News+ could be the trigger for the idea of a pack to finally take hold in Cupertino, as Bloomberg claims that the company’s top management is unhappy with the results of this platform. The reason for this is the poor reception it is getting from the public. A measure such as the unification of services would be key to making the investment profitable.

In any case, it is good news to know that Apple is still thinking about its services and has not just launched them. We hope that this will be successful and that users will benefit from improvements in the respective platforms. In the case of Apple TV+, its strange interface, in which content from the service is mixed with rental movies from the now extinct iTunes, stands out. This platform also stands out for its limited catalogue, although with high quality content.

Do you think we will end up seeing an Apple service pack in 2020? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.

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