Adobe Lightroom for iOS Free

The Adobe Lightroom application arrived on the App Store in April 2014 for iPad and in June for iPhone, an application that lets you work with images on your mobile device and synchronize your settings with the desktop version. Lightroom for iOS is now completely free . Previously, although it was available for free download, you had to sign up for Creative Cloud services.

If you like the subject of photography and are passionate about retouching software , especially those offered by Adobe, this news is sure to make you very happy. From now on, the Adobe Lightroom app for iPhone and iPad will be completely free, which is not bad at all.

Adobe Lightroom for iOS Free
Adobe Lightroom for iOS Free

From now on, anyone who wants to use Adobe Lightroom for iOS can do so without paying anything thanks to the new application available on the App Store . Here are more details about the new version of Lightroom for iPhone and iPad.

What’s new in version 2.0 of Adobe Lightroom for iOS

The new update to Adobe Lightroom version 2.0 eliminates the requirement to be registered for Creative Cloud services . What’s more, you don’t even need to be registered to get an Adobe ID, so you can use Lightroom on your iPhone or iPad.

From Adobe they comment that this decision to put the application now for free is due to the fact that they have detected that a good number of users were using the company’s software in their local folders and it was not necessary to have them stored in an external cloud.

So, in response to this need, users have decided to work to provide Lightroom with a way to leverage the app for all the photos they have on their iPhone or iPad. On the other hand, there is the possibility that Adobe is considering the possibility of breaking through and exploiting the world of retouching and graphic design on mobile devices .

Download Adobe Lightroom on your iPhone or iPad

If you would like to download Adobe Lightroom, you can do so from the App Store or by clicking on the appropriate link just below these lines. As you can see, the Adobe Lightroom app has an iPhone version and an iPad version .

What do you think of this move by Adobe to make the Lightroom app free?

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