Adding images to an existing album

With the arrival of iOS 7, many system features and options have changed. In most cases for the better, it is now much easier for example, to access some parts of the system, we have the much desired Control Center, it is faster to access the camera and many others tweaks were made to the system. But at the same time, also some options have changed, disappeared or moved to another place, making us lose a lot of time in actions or processes that before were much simpler I had already completely learned.

One of these “problems” occurs when we try to add new photos to an album that we had previously created. An action that used to be very simple, but has now become a little more complicated. At least, Apple has not removed this option, but it has placed it somewhere else, not as intuitive as you might expect. The process is not too complex, and besides, we explain it below.

Adding images to an existing album
Adding images to an existing album

First of all, if you don’t have an album created, press the button Albums in the bottom corner of the Photos application. Then press the button “+” in the upper left corner. Rename your new album and save it. Select the photos you want to add and you will have your new album.

If later on you want to add some more images – even if you took it with one of these techniques – you will have to go to Reel and press Select in the upper right corner and select how many photos we want to add. Once selected, press Add at the bottom and you will see all the albums. You will have to select the album you want to add them to and you will have it ready.

This is one of those options you don’t miss until you find it. In this case, at least the solution is simple and even, once found, logical.

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