Adding a business and correcting directions on Apple Maps

Apple Maps and Google Maps users have the opportunity to participate and improve the quality of their data. In the case of Apple’s maps, this effort is especially important since have fewer years behind them than Google’s equivalents. Fortunately, if at any point you find that a location does not exist or contains erroneous data, the California company has created a simple process to add or correct the missing information.

This is especially useful if you have just opened a business that you want to make known. Or if you are registered on Apple Maps, but with some wrong or outdated data . This is the case for bars, restaurants, bookstores, stationery stores, supermarkets, shops delicatessens or any other public place.

Apple Maps: Add and edit business location and directions

Adding a business and correcting directions on Apple Maps
Adding a business and correcting directions on Apple Maps

The first thing we need to do is access Apple Maps from an Apple device. In the example below we have taken screenshots on an iPhone while registering a business on Apple Maps. Once the app is launched, we’ll go to the location where we want to add the business and keep our finger pressed on the screen until a pin appears on the map.

We will then slide the tab up to reveal the options below:

Click on the button Report a problem , from which we can start the process. From there we can add a place or business, correct the address or other problems.

If we press Add a place, will take us to the next step to determine if we want to add a business, street, address or other.

We will choose the first option, which will lead us to a list of possible businesses to choose from. To make it easier to find the type of business we need, there is a search engine at the top of the list.

Once we have chosen it, in the next section there will be a summary with the information that we have provided. We can also add a website, phone number and opening hours. If we have a photo of the business, it will give more credibility to our proposal.

Improving Maps is within the reach of every user

Adding, changing, or correcting a location on Apple Maps is easy with iOS 10, although there are several steps to follow. Over the past few weeks, I have added several businesses both around my house and lost in the middle of nowhere. And the answer has always been the same: Apple added or corrected the location in a matter of days.

Finding errors in Mapping data is not uncommon, despite recent improvements. Many users will still prefer Google Maps for its accuracy and security, but remember that they have many more years behind them. A time when Google has also asked for help from users and shop owners to perfect their maps.

Apple Maps triplica en usuarios a Google Maps en el iPhone.

In addition, now that we have Apple Pay in Spain, businesses can add their establishment and compatibility with the payment system. To do so, they can log in here and follow the steps. This process is used to add the payment to your Apple Maps tab , as well as to register your business via Apple Maps Connect without the need for a company device.

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