Add widgets to your desktop with Übersicht

In the world of computer science and programming there are ideas and concepts that are cool and exciting just by saying their name. “Collaborative development” , the idea of people from different parts and cultures around the globe working together to develop applications and software , is one of them.

That’s the basic function of a web platform like GitHub, and that’s how Dutchman Felix Hageloh has created Úbersicht, a small, lightweight application that allows us to enhance the OS X desktop with simple, well-designed widgets that barely consume resources .

Add widgets to your desktop with Übersicht
Add widgets to your desktop with Übersicht

The application is very easy to install, just drag it to the applications folder once you’ve downloaded it, and then choose in the gallery the widget(s) you want to add to your desktop and add it to the widget(s) folder of the app .

There are widgets that are quite useful and functional, from clocks and calendars, CPU usage or RAM memory meters, to Spotify managers . And it seems that the number is slowly increasing, as anyone with knowledge of Javascript or Coffescript can create their own.

And if you want to make your own widgets , or help improve the application, just go to the Übersicht documentation page and get started. That’s the beauty of collaborative development, that anyone with enough interest can help improve an application.

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