a Formula 1 team management simulator

If you’re a Formula 1 lover, you should know that you can end up managing your own team thanks to F1 Manager a game ideal for iPad and iPhone. In this game you will have all the tools to win different races in strategic and realistic locations. In this article we analyze its different features.

Design your own vehicles

As soon as we start in this game we will be asked to design the type of car we want in a visual way. Just as every team has its own colours, we have that task in F1 Manager. But obviously it’s not all about the logos and the physical design of the car but the internal components are of high importance. Among the components to be changed and improved are the brakes, gearbox, rear wing, front wing, suspension and the engine. Depending on the components that we will introduce, we will see how the car’s statistics will vary and may increase power, grip or reliability. We will be able to get all these components as we are playing and increasing the difficulty of the races.

a Formula 1 team management simulator
a Formula 1 team management simulator

But not everything lies in the components of the car, we can also acquire enhancers . These enhancers will make the vehicles more efficient when using gasoline, or more aerodynamic. The problem is that these enhancers must be bought separately with the game money.

Choose the best drivers

As you run, you will receive different boxes that you will have to unlock. In these boxes we can find novelties for our team such as new drivers . Each driver that we receive in the team has very specific statistics and that’s why we have to choose very carefully which driver we assign to each vehicle. This is really important as it will be vital to have a good driver to win the most difficult races.

It should be noted that among the pilots we have available in the different levels, real names stand out. For example we find Hamilton, Vettel, Sainz…

Participate in F1 races

In addition to managing everything related to the team, we will also actively participate in the races. The decisions we make throughout the race will be vital for us to win or lose. In all races we will have two cars and two drivers to whom we will give instructions. In the game screen we will have the information related to the state of the car in the lower left and right corner. Among this information we find the state of tire wear and also the level of gasoline .

Depending on the condition of the tyres we can enter the pits to change the wheels. There are several options available that will give us different durability characteristics, enduring more or less laps. This decision will also be vital when we are racing in adverse weather conditions and above all we have to keep a close eye on the weather as vital seconds are lost in the pits.

But not only will we control when to go in to change the wheels and fill the tank, we will also go by adjusting the speed . When we see that we are very close to overtaking someone it is interesting to increase the speed. But this will have a penalty on the gas level that will go down much faster and force us to stop before refueling. With this we see that we have full control of the decisions over the course of a race.

All the races in this game take place on circuits that are completely real. The truth is that the design is quite accomplished and if you are a F1 lover you will see many simulations both in the situation of curves or mythical straights.

The only problem we can find is that we cannot put ourselves in charge of the vehicles and make a realistic drive by taking the decisions of the movement. In this sense we have the aspect of management and decisions but we do not have total control over the vehicle since go alone . We think it would be interesting to give the option of getting behind the wheel of one of these vehicles, although it seems to be quite far from the initial concept.

Face the rest of the players

When we pass the initial tutorial, we can start facing other players for real and not against bots. Sometimes the pairing system can be a bit unfair as we can be pitted against people with much higher levels than us and therefore with components that are quite advantageous.

It’s always fun to compete against other flesh and blood people, but it’s always expected to be a totally fair race. We must also take into account that with the micro transaction system there are people who decide to pay real money to advance faster and this can eventually lead to very advanced cars even if the player’s level is low or the use of power-ups.

While we are running against someone else we can activate the chat to detail whether they are doing well or not.

And you, are you a Formula One lover?

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