8 Troubleshooting Tweaks in Cydia (Jailbreak)

This morning, from iPadizate, we presented the best 50 tweaks of Cydia for iPhone, but the packages and tools of the jailbreak not only serve us to customize or enhance our iOS devices , also allow us to solve real problems.

That’s why in this collection we will recommend 8 fantastic tweaks on Cydia that solve real problems of our iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini. You can’t miss them!


8 Troubleshooting Tweaks in Cydia (Jailbreak)
8 Troubleshooting Tweaks in Cydia (Jailbreak)

Although Apple offers the possibility for third party applications to benefit from the Touch ID feature. But many apps do not offer this service, for this reason we recommend iTouchSecure, a tweak on Cydia that allows us to use Touch ID to protect the data of our applications.


The fact is that the buttons and functions in the iOS 8 Control Center are really useful, however Apple does not allow us to customize these settings. Thanks to Polus we can customize them and even create our own buttons and assign an Activator action to them.

iCleaner Pro

Can’t download an app or stream a movie to your iPhone or iPad due to lack of space? With iCleaner Pro you can clear the cache of your apps and delete temporary files to save a lot of storage space – an extremely useful tweak!


Slices offers us the possibility to log in with two Instagram accounts at the same time. This Cydia tweak is a real lifesaver for anyone who uses multiple accounts on the popular photo social network. Also compatible with Snapchat.


It is very common that after so much use, the Home Button on the iPhone or iPad stops working or does not continue to work properly. The tweak vHome allows us to create a virtual Home Button on the screen so we don’t have to use the physical one.


One of the best Cydia tweaks of all time is iFile, many of you will already know that it allows us to modify almost any element or file in iOS. It is a file manager that allows you to install .deb packages, move files from one folder to another, change native wallpapers, extract and compress .zip files, and much, much more.


This tweak solves the problem of the app download limit, allowing us to download any application whatever its size through a 3G mobile network. In addition, it also allows us to watch YouTube videos in high definition.

iCaughtU Pro

With iCaughtU Pro we can protect our iPhone or iPad from possible theft, because when we lose the iOS device it will send us an email or sms with the exact location and the photo of the person who found or stole it.

Do you think there are any interesting tweaks missing from Cydia’s list? Do you want to share with us your favourite tweaks? We are waiting for you in the comments section!

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