6 Apple Smart Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Last September Apple presented the 12.9-inch iPad Pro along with two new accessories, the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, a new keyboard that offers great possibilities to users . This keyboard is also available for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, so if you were thinking of buying it for your new tablet, you should know that there are a number of shortcuts that will make your life easier.

Just like the computer keyboard, whether desktop or notebook, if you know a number of commands you’ll see how moving around and doing certain functions is much easier on iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard. Because these shortcuts save you from having to use a mouse.

Return to the home screen

6 Apple Smart Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know
6 Apple Smart Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

If you’re using the Smart Keyboard, you can easily return to the iPad home screen. Just use the shortcut Cmd + H and the home screen appears no matter where you are.

Access the Emoji keyboard

If you are new to the Smart Keyboard you may have trouble finding some things at first, such as how to access the Emoji keyboard. It’s as simple as pressing the key on the globe in the lower left corner , just as you would do with the touchpad to change keyboards, and to close it by pressing the same key again.

Switches between applications

The Smart Keyboard does not have a direct access to the iOS multitasking interface , for which you have to press twice on the iPad’s Home button. However, iOS has an App Switcher just like on OS X and to access it you just have to hold down the Cmd key and press the Tab key.

The App Switcher will appear on the screen and you just have to hold down the Cmd key and press the tab key until the application you want to access is highlighted . Then release the Cmd key and you will automatically have the application in the foreground.

Access the Spotlight search bar

You can easily access the iOS Spotlight search bar from the Smart Keyboard by pressing Cmd and the space bar , just like on OS X.

Browse pages and documents

If you’re writing a document or surfing the Internet, you may want to move up or down at some point to look at something. To go to the top of a document or page you have to hold down the Cmd key and press the up arrow , and if you want to go to the bottom you have to do the same but press the down arrow. You can also jump to the end or the beginning of a line by holding down the Cmd key and pressing the right or left arrow.

See specific application shortcuts

The App Factor

Not only has iOS 9 greatly improved the use of keyboards in iOS and not only are more shortcuts available at the system level, applications can also enjoy specific shortcuts . To find out if an application has specific commands developed for it specifically you just have to press the Cmd key and hold it for a few seconds for a list of all of them to appear.


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