5 reasons why your iPhone is safer than you think, according to Apple

Apple no es Facebook: máxima privacidad para los datos personales de sus usuarios

1. Todo está encriptado a las mil maravillas

Absolutamente todas las aplicaciones, todos los elementos y funciones de tu iPhone están totalmente encriptadas por Apple . De esta manera, es imposible que un hacker pueda acceder al contenido de tu teléfono móvil.

5 reasons why your iPhone is safer than you think, according to Apple
5 reasons why your iPhone is safer than you think, according to Apple

Si tienes una contraseña o el reconocimiento facial Face ID activado
A few days ago Apple updated its security website to highlight the privacy protection of iOS 12 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you’re concerned about your privacy these days, you’ll love these measures.

In this article we invite you to discover up to 5 reasons why Apple claims that iOS 12 is the most secure operating system in the world , protecting the privacy of its users in different areas and aspects.

You may be interested to, your data become “an indecipherable text”. This text can only be ready for one person with the correct digital key, the user of each device with his face and his password. Apple was one of the first companies to implement this technology in an operating system.

And most interesting of all, there’s no back door. Apple resisted the government and the pressure from the authorities to continue armoring its system. A back door for the security services could allow a hacker to enter the system.

2. Safari is one of the most secure web browsers

Safari blocks third party cookies , which are nothing more than small files that track your activity. And the app does this for a good reason. It makes it much harder for websites to track your online activity. Plus, a Safari feature allows you to intelligently prevent tracking , making it impossible for advertisers to follow you around the Internet.

Apple designed Safari to isolate the code of each web page into a single tab, so it can’t interact with other web content.

3. Apple Maps does not allow you to track your movements

One of Google’s most troubling controversies makes users fear that their steps through the city are continually being tracked by the mapping application. Google Maps is a much more complete app, but Apple Maps has many more safety advantages. First, does not require you to sign in to share your data . And there are features that allow you to use the data on your device rather than on Apple’s servers.

Any navigation or use of Apple Maps is split between Apple’s servers, each part having a unique identifier. This makes it impossible for anyone (including Apple) to discover the locations you’ve been to . And there is also no file that collects all your history data like in Google Maps.

4. No one can trace your Siri searches

It is true that Apple gathers some data from the searches made by its users on Siri in order to improve some functions of its virtual assistant. But they do so in a way that keeps your privacy completely safe.

Apple – Privacidad

Well, that no one will ever be able to reveal the identity of who has been searching for any content. In addition, users can reset their ID by turning Siri’s voice dictation off and on.

5. Apple blocks some applications to keep you safe

One of the things that keeps iPhone and iPad users safe is, interestingly enough, the App Store. The Bitten Apple company does an excellent job of analyzing and approving (or rejecting) iOS apps. This, of course, has its good things and bad things for the developers, but it’s all advantages for the users.

Each developer who intends to create an app and launch it on the App Store must pass a very specific approval process that is governed by very strict security and privacy measures . If an app violates these terms, it is directly removed from the App Store. And it is for this very reason that iPhone users are completely safe from any hacker or malware.


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