5 New and Useful Godus Tricks for iPhone and iPad

Godus is a really entertaining and very, very addictive iPhone and iPad compatible iOS game . Its popularity and success has reached a high level thanks to its excellent design and gameplay . But to complete all the tasks and activities that this title proposes we will need some tips, recommendations and tricks.

Given the good reception among our readers of our previous article on Godus’ tips and tricks for iPhone and iPad, we have decided to do a little more research and bring 5 new and useful tricks for this fantastic game. Will you join us?

5 tricks, tips and recommendations for succeeding as God in Godus

1. On the seashore…

5 New and Useful Godus Tricks for iPhone and iPad
5 New and Useful Godus Tricks for iPhone and iPad

One of the most important things in Godus is to get to unlock all the cards , which have actions and functions for the followers of our population, such as better housing, new settlements or divine gifts.

To unlock these cards we will need a lot of stickers, and to get them there is no better way than to look for chests and make boat trips. As boat trips have been going on for some time without being updated, we recommend that you look for and search for chests whenever you can, especially on the shores of the sea, which is where they usually appear most.

Remember me!

Yes, I know, notifications can be really annoying and uncomfortable. However, if we want to get as much faith, stickers, minerals and wheat as possible is a very important option.

If we activate the notifications from Settings> Godus> Notifications or Settings> Notifications we can know at what exact time the Faith is ready to be collected, when the Astari party is held, and much more. In addition, if we want to rest a bit, we can always activate the “Do Not Disturb” mode from the Control Center.

3. Die, you bastards!

It’s true that the Astari, the sworn enemies of our followers, are not an extreme danger for our population . But their constant mocking and desertion of our followers to their territory for happiness becomes something annoying.

Therefore, from iPadizate we recommend to throw them a single meteorite as soon as they start to celebrate their daily party (normally at 0:00 or 01:00). This way we will spend much less faith than if we use fire to scare them and kill them, and their happiness will be greatly diminished. Try it!

4. The mysterious monument…

In the PC version of this fun game there was a giant statue hidden in the mountains, and thanks to one of our readers we discovered a few days ago a mysterious hidden monument in the mobile version of Godus.

In the image above you can see the location of this monument , as reported by our readers, it seems that if we manage to discover the statue in its entirety we will win an interesting reward.

5. The important thing is to be happy

Even if you have problems, even if some aspects of the game make you despair, the most important thing is your happiness and that of your followers ; what we really want is to create a beautiful city, organized, and that provides comfort to our citizens, that is the main objective of Godus.

From iPadizate we recommend to plant trees strategically positioned near the houses and to remove all nearby rocks to make your followers happier. Cards are also important for maintaining your happiness, monuments and objects of divine gifts, and of course beautification powers and altars . We should combine all these elements very well to make them happier.

Killing the Astari on video

We have looked for a couple of videos to help you in the hard task of ending the Astari:

Download Godus

If you don’t know the game, we recommend it! It’s free and very, very entertaining:

These have been our Godus tips, tricks and suggestions for iPhone and iPad . Remember that you can still post your questions and recommendations from the comments section , as you have done so far in the previous article. We will be happy to help you and thank you for your participation!

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