5 key features coming up in September

There are only two months left for Apple to unveil its new 2019 iPhone in its classic September keynote and, as usual at this point, we already have a lot of information available and many details about the three “iPhone 11” models that Apple is preparing.

That’s why today we bring 5 key features and functions that will come with iPhone 11 and that are a big change from the current devices.

Wide angle camera with Smart Frame

5 key features coming up in September
5 key features coming up in September

Probably the most important change that will come to the iPhone 11 and 11 Max this year . The design of the new devices will be very similar to a very important change: the back cameras. Apple has chosen to completely redesign this area of the device and instead of having a double rear camera in a vertical position we will have 3 cameras in a square projection .

Apple has chosen to keep the position of the cameras, even though some rumours were not in this direction, and the new camera will be placed to the right of the other two current ones. However the sensors will be much bigger so the space they will occupy will be substantially larger .

This third sensor would be a wide-angle and its arrival will be accompanied by a new Apple mode called Smart Frame which in theory captures the area around the photo you are taking and will allow us to reframe the photo once taken.

Reversible wireless charging

Another great new feature that has been widely rumoured and is practically confirmed is the reversible wireless charge that will allow us to charge other accessories such as AirPods or the Apple Watch with our iPhone . This is an option already available in other brands but surely Apple will implement it in a unique way as it usually does.

More battery

It seems that the internal design of the new iPhone is going to be completely modified and this will allow to include a higher capacity battery. In addition, it is expected that iPhone 11 will be slightly thicker which will also help improve the internal battery.

Thanks to this larger battery, the next iPhone could be the best ever in this field and could achieve a range of up to 4 more hours . Something that could also help with the previous function, reversible wireless charging.

Improvements in indoor navigation

This is a rumour that appeared some time ago and, although we have not heard any more rumours in this sense in the last few weeks, it could be very interesting. The iPhone 11 could have a new antenna technology called Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) that will make the device capable of positioning us much more accurately when we are indoors .

Goodbye 3D Touch with the arrival of a new Taptic Engine

Apple will replace the 3D Touch with the Haptic Touch already included in the iPhone XR and improve the Taptic Engine.

It seems that 3D Touch also takes up too much space inside the device and Apple is confident that replacing it with the new Haptic Touch will bring many benefits and users will not miss it.

These are the most important improvements that will be included in this year’s iPhone , many of which are quite interesting and represent very big changes from the current iPhone XS.

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