5 Free Games for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Over the last few days, new games have been arriving on the App Store, authentic games such as The Walking Dead Michonne or Assassins Creed Identity; which cost £4.99, and brand new titles such as Bridge Constructor or Dream League Soccer 2016.

Today we present the 5 best free games of the moment for iPhone and iPad. With them you will spend hours and hours of fun and entertainment. Don’t miss them!

5 Free Games for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini
5 Free Games for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

As always, we encourage you to participate in the feedback in order to recommend your favorite iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini games, as well as to share your opinion about these iOS games.

Dream League Soccer 2016

A very funny football game available on iPhone and iPad with quite acceptable graphics and simply ideal gameplay, highly recommended!

Bridge Builder

Bridge Constructor is one of the most popular and fashionable games today. This iOS game invites us to build all kinds of bridges with the different tools that they provide in order to get the vehicles to the other side. It is very, very fun.


We continue with HoPiKo, the App Store game of the week. Like Super Sharp or Bridge Constructor, HoPiKo is free for a limited time, so hurry up and download it. It is a platform runner with a quite characteristic retro graphics.

Super Sharp

Super Sharp is a very original and colorful game in which we will have to complete all kinds of levels. Our goal in each level is to complete a puzzle by sliding your finger over the screen to match the other pieces.


Finally, we recommend the game Stack, another colorful puzzle game for iPhone and iPad very, very addictive and with a very aesthetic design. Highly recommended!

Which game on this list did you like the most? And which one did you like the least?

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