4 of the 5 Highest Paid Executives in the US Work at Apple

Working for Apple brings with it a number of benefits. One is being able to work at one of the world’s most innovative consumer technology companies. A company with an amazing product portfolio and an amazing team. But in the case of the firm’s executives, another great advantage is that they are among the highest paid in the world.

According to a Standard & Poor’s report on salaries in some 500 companies and commented on by 9to5mac, 4 of the 5 highest paid executives on this list are Apple employees . In all 4 cases the average salaries are around $805,400, but all of them are accompanied by an attractive package of company shares.

Apple has some of the highest paid executives

4 of the 5 Highest Paid Executives in the US Work at Apple
4 of the 5 Highest Paid Executives in the US Work at Apple

Specifically, the 4 employees are: Bob Mansfield (senior vice president of technology) with revenue from Apple of about $85.5 million, Sewell Bruce (Apple’s principal attorney) with revenue of $69 million, Jeffrey Williams (senior vice president of operations) with revenue of $68.7 million, and finally Peter Oppenheimer (Apple’s chief financial officer) with total revenue of about $68.6 million.

The other executive in the top 5 who is not on Apple’s payroll is Larry Ellison, the current CEO of Oracle who earns about $96.2 million a year.

It might be interesting to note that Tim Cook is not listed. To tell the truth, it’s even more surprising to know that he’s listed as number 1,016 and his salary package is $4.17 million. The reason is that Cook is compensating in the long run and therefore his income at the moment is not as high as that of other company executives. Even so, it is clear that this amount is only a small part of his total compensation and, surely, if the entire amount were included the amount would be much higher.

Are Cupertino’s company executives well paid? Is it too much money? What’s your opinion on this matter? Of course, the good times the company has had in recent years have influenced these high salaries. Now things don’t seem to be going so well at Apple, although we’ll have to wait until next year for the next report of this kind.

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