3 important new features coming to Apple TV with tvOS 11

The WWDC17 is coming up and this means that in the next few weeks we will be seeing a lot of rumors about the next versions of Apple’s operating systems. This time we want to talk about some of the possible new features of tvOS 11 , the next version of the Apple TV OS.

The first rumors speak of three new features that could be very well received by users: support for user accounts, picture-in-picture function and a direct access to live streams from all installed apps on the device.

3 important new features coming to Apple TV with tvOS 11
3 important new features coming to Apple TV with tvOS 11

The first of the rumored news will arrive with tvOS 11 is the one we find most interesting. The possibility of having multiple user accounts on an Apple TV would make the device really useful for families or people who share their home. Thanks to this function each person could have his own user account, with his apps, configurations, associated Apple ID, etc, etc…

The picture-in-picture feature is also interesting and it makes sense to get it to Apple TV now that it’s available on the iPad and Mac. Thanks to this function it is possible to return to the main screen of the device and keep a window with the current playback in one corner of the screen.

The third and last big news that is rumored to come to tvOS 11 is the possibility to see in a single place all the live transmissions available in the different apps installed on the device. This feature would help us when choosing live content to watch and would save us from having to open and close apps to find what we really want to watch.

We don’t know if these new features will finally reach Apple TV with tvOS 11, but we certainly find three of the most interesting features and especially the first one.

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