17-18-108-999, Bingo? No, the viral trick to troll Siri


It’s not the first time that Siri leaves us with a poker face and it probably won’t be the last either. In fact, a few months ago we told you what would happen if we told Siri the number “108” (hint: call the emergency services). But this is not the only number that has the same effect.

17-18-108-999, Bingo? No, the viral trick to troll Siri
17-18-108-999, Bingo? No, the viral trick to troll Siri

In fact, we found a similar case on Reddit, this time with the number 17. It seems that this number would be used in France to call the police. So we didn’t proceed to make the test, either short or lazy. And indeed, it delivers on its promise. Try it out. You will have 5 seconds to cancel the call, because these things are not to be played with .

A little further down Reddit’s thread he comments that apart from the fact that 17 corresponds to the number of the police in France, 18 is the number of the fire brigade and 15 serves to call the ambulance. How about we try it? Interestingly enough, while 18 has the same effect as 17, 15 does not give the expected answer. Is this Reddit user right, or is it just a coincidence?

Another user reports that if we try 999, 998 and 997, exactly the same thing will happen, since they are the emergency services of Poland. Almost hopelessly, we tried. Bingo! They all call the emergency services directly . Of course, if we are in a critical situation, these are not very easy numbers to say, unlike “17”.

The thread continues to inform us about the emergency numbers of other countries such as Russia, which are 02, 03, and 04 respectively. Encouraged by the previous success, we tried and the success is resounding .

Actually, solving the mystery, Apple implements this function so that wherever you are, if you say your country’s emergency number, even if you’re in Angola, the emergency services of the country you’re in will be bypassed. If you’re interested in finding out what other numbers will have the same effect, here’s a list of emergency numbers around the world.


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