10 tools to help you on a Mac

11 apps para ayudarte a ahorrar y planificar tu dinero en 2018.

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10 tools to help you on a Mac
10 tools to help you on a Mac


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Like every new year, it is time to propose new challenges and habits to be fulfilled to improve our lives. No application or tool is the magic solution for this, but they can always help us to achieve these goals.

Here are a number of applications for the Mac that will help you in one way or another to meet your habits and goals this year:

  • Copied: The universal clipboard has been around for a while in macOS and iOS, but still doesn’t provide as much functionality as a history or scripts. This makes Copied for macOS and iOS possible.
  • Todoist: Todoist is a fantastic task manager who has been with us for years. The app is available for both Mac and other platforms, and includes ingenious features such as artificial intelligence to improve the way we defer tasks.
  • Spark: This email manager arrived at the Mac App Store in November last year, and in two months it has already become one of the best due to its many features.
  • Focus: Can’t concentrate? Focus helps you do that thanks to the pomodoro technique. And it syncs with your iCloud account on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
  • Tyme 2: Do you work from home? This application accounts for all the time you spend on each project and allows you to categorize everything, even create invoices directly from the app. Perfect for freelancers.
  • PDF Expert: The best PDF editor to replace Preview is of course PDF Expert. It not only allows you to read PDF documents, but also to edit them, annotate them or sign them among other things.
  • Magnet: Split View is fine for dividing the Mac screen between two apps, but with Magnet you can add more than two programs and use different layouts and schemes.
  • Yoink: Yoink has an interesting concept of a container in which to store our files and items that we drag from one program to another. It’s a kind of vitamin-based clipboard that becomes essential once you start using it. And if you were looking for an alternative to iOS, take a look at Gladys.

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