10 stunning nature wallpapers for iPad Pro

It never hurts to change the background of the Lock Screen and Home Screen on your iPhone and iPad from time to time. Today we’ve put together a selection of 10 nature wallpapers for iPad Pro that will help you give your iOS device a new look.

All the images we have included in the wallpaper selection have a resolution of 2732 × 2732 pixels , so they are ideal wallpapers for the iPad Pro model. However, they are compatible with any iPhone and iPad thanks to the iOS wallpaper size selection tool.

10 stunning nature wallpapers for iPad Pro
10 stunning nature wallpapers for iPad Pro

This time we have opted for Nature wallpapers, but in our blog you will find all kinds of wallpapers for your iPhoneiPad: Beaches, Universe, WWDC, Star Wars, Christmas…

How to download a wallpaper

Once you have chosen your favorite wallpaper, you have several options to download and save the image on your iPhone or iPad for later installation:

  • Click on the “Download” button and save the image.
  • Hold your finger on the image and open in a new window.
  • Press and hold your finger on the image and select “Save image”.

How to apply a new wallpaper

After downloading the desired wallpaper to your device, you will need to access the “Wallpaper” section of the iOS Settings application to include the wallpaper on your Home Screen or your Lock Screen from “Select another wallpaper.

10 Nature Wallpapers for iPad Pro

The Virtuous Mountain

It’s impressive, isn’t it? ??


The Desert Island

Any castaway’s dream… ?


The city of mountains

The planet is full of incredible landscapes! ?


The Surrealist Dune

Doesn’t it look like a simple drawing? ?


A Sea of Clouds

A little swim in the fog? ?


Land, sea and air

Frozen mountains, a beautiful lake, and green fields… ??


God’s Corner

A true earthly paradise! ⛱


A mountain of vertigo

Careful, don’t look down! ?


A sunrise on Venus

The view seems like it’s from another planet… Right? ??


The Infinite Waterfall

Would you like a quick shower? ? ?

DownloadHere ends our selection of 10 Nature Wallpapers for iPad Pro . Aren’t they really beautiful? As we mentioned previously, they are compatible with any iPhoneiPad model, so we hope you can all enjoy them on your devices. Which one did you like the most?

Happy weekend!

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