10 Fruit Ninja Tips and Tricks for iPhone and iPad

10 tips and tricks for Fruit Ninja

In the well-known game Fruit Ninja developed by Halfbrick (creators of such fun games as Birzzle Fever), you become a ninja who has to break as much fruit as he can by sliding his finger over the screen , while trying to avoid some obstacles such as bombs. There are many game modes such as arcade, classic and even multiplayer.

There are many ways to overcome the missions and obtain the achievements in this great game, this is where iPadizate comes in. With the tricks, tips and hints below you’ll easily beat your previous high scores.

1. You don’t need to buy “star fruits” with real money

10 Fruit Ninja Tips and Tricks for iPhone and iPad
10 Fruit Ninja Tips and Tricks for iPhone and iPad

The star fruits will be used to buy enhancements and improvements within Fruit Ninja. Most of the levels in this game are fairly easy to complete, thanks to which you can win a few star fruits . But you can also play short videos to obtain star fruits in a very simple way to get your power-ups and improve your scores.

2. Do not use long slides when pumps are nearby

When you slide your finger over a bomb, you can lose one of your 3 lives or you can even lose the game and have to start all over again. Whenever you can, try to make short slides on the fruit when you see the bombs appear . The longer you slide, the more likely it is that you will accidentally run your finger over a bomb. Don’t worry about mega-combinations; when there are bombs, avoid them.

3. Check Gutsu’s bonus periodically

Sometimes, Gutsu will have an interesting free bonus ready for you when you visit him. If you have never visited him before, make sure you do and you will be surprised how many star fruits he will give you. From here you will also be able to get upgrades and enhancements to use within the game. Some of these bonuses will only be available if you fulfill certain objectives in Fruit Ninja.

4. Use “Peachy Times” to increase your score

Peachy Times is one of the most effective enhancers in Fruit Ninja, at least in Zen and Arcade mode. Each peach you split will give you 2 extra seconds of time to continue splitting fruit. It may not seem like a lot of time, but if you manage to split a good amount of peaches you can easily get up to 20 seconds. This will translate into hundreds and hundreds of extra points if you make good fruit combinations.

5. Do not use more than one finger

As we are warned by iMore, some advice and help guides will assure you that using more than one finger to split the fruit in Fruit Ninja is a good idea. Nothing could be further from the truth, nothing is effective, even can distract you and make you lose your concentration . There is also the matter of uncoordination, to make better combos with two hands will be more complicated, unless you are ambidextrous.

6. Try playing backwards

Playing with the iPad or iPhone upside down can help some players by making the fruit appear from above. When you hold your iOS device, your hand may somehow obscure your view of the bottom of the screen. Playing backwards can prevent this from happening. To achieve this, you simply block the rotation of your iPhone or iPad and then turn it upside down.

7. Special bananas increase your score

One of the easiest ways to increase your score in Fruit Ninja is to get a double banana booster . Multiplying your score and freezing the fruit is an impressive combination to gain points in the arcade mode. Once you have achieved this and everything is moving slowly, prepare your finger and start sliding it over all the fruit to get great combos over and over again.

8. A good ninja first listens and then acts

If you pay attention, you can hear if a fruit or a bomb has been dropped before it appears on the screen. Tune your ear and listen to these clues that will give your brain time to react more accurately. If you hear a bomb ticking… be alert and be very careful with your slides. If you don’t listen to it, you’ll know that you can break the fruit with total freedom of movement.

9. Pay attention to the objectives to complete them

Completing the objectives in Fruit Ninja is one of the simplest ways to win star fruits quickly. The amount you are offered is quite generous and the objectives are usually not too complex . Some of them will require you to buy other enhancers to get the final reward, this will be a good investment. Never skip a goal because it costs too many star fruits, just try it a couple of times until you get the goal.

10. Don’t be afraid to start the level again

Sometimes you get off to a really bad start, either by being distracted, not being prepared or being cold. Maybe you started out in arcade mode and then slipped your finger on a bomb. If this happens, don’t worry or be afraid to start the game again , it’s just a couple of taps. Unlike in games like Candy Crush or TwoDots, there is no limit to the number of lives you can have and you can play as many times as you like.

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What are your tricks and tips at Fruit Ninja?

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