10 Free Casual Games You Can’t Miss on your iPhone

10 Casual Games MUST HAVE

Those of us who are used to playing with our iPad (or iPhone) are not always looking for games that require 100% of our attention. There are times when we need light games that distract us for a short period of time and make us have a good time and disconnect. And if they are free , better than … Casual games!

Casual games are not complex games at all. These are simple and enjoyable games that do not involve long games : of strategy, MMO, etc. that usually allow you to connect to Facebook and Twitter to play with friends.

10 Free Casual Games You Can’t Miss on your iPhone
10 Free Casual Games You Can’t Miss on your iPhone

As you might expect, there are thousands of casual games on the Apple App Store. However, there are some that stand out from the rest. Many of them are well known and others not so well known, but they deserve a chance. Are you up for discovering some of the best with us?

You have a few minutes free and don’t know what to do? Play one of the following games

Normally, this type of game is free , but it includes in-app purchases which, although not 100% necessary to play, allow you to advance more quickly.

Here is our Top 10 Casual for mobile devices:

Total Conquest

Call out to battle and join legions of online players in a fight for control of the Roman Empire!

Top Eleven

Create and manage your own virtual football club!

Brave Frontier RPG

Discover the world of the Gods! Explore mysterious continents, fight hordes of monsters, confront other players, collect units of legend and turn them into powerful heroes and creatures!

Clash of Clans

Build a village, train your troops and fight millions of players online!

CSR Racing

CSR Racing combines stunning high-fidelity graphics with addictive gameplay, and amazing multiplayer competitions to create a new kind of racing sensation.

Game of War – Fire Age

Enjoy the most entertaining and interactive strategic action MULTIPLAYER GAME ONLINE for FREE!

Empire: Four Kingdoms

It builds fortresses that endure for eternity, captures forts and establishes a thriving economy.

Dragon of Atlantis

Join thousands of players and reclaim the lost glories of Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon!

Dragon City

Build a magical kingdom in Dragon City! Take on hundreds of Dragons, feed them and level them up to become a Dragon Master!

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

The new mobile-optimized FarmVille is now available! A new gaming experience made to measure for you to enjoy wherever and whenever you want. And best of all: it’s free!

Important : Some of the names are quite addictive… The one who warns is not a traitor!

And so far our list of casual games ” must have ” that should not be missing from your device. They are not wasted! What do you think? Would you add or remove any game from the list?

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